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Technology Integration

Our application development and integration service line solves critical business and technology problems by developing custom software. When organizations approach a technology upgrade or change, their existing applications must adapt to achieve cost savings, improve performance, and ensure continuity. At Petal Apps, we work with leading companies every day to understand the value of legacy applications and to determine the best path forward, one that minimizes total costs and produces enhanced performance.

Application Migration

One of the ways we transform outdated systems into a valuable part of our clients' businesses is by migrating applications from inflexible, costly environments to modern IT environments such as PHP or .NET. Our migration factories and automated tools to help ensure a secure and long-lasting legacy system. Applications and business processes must often span systems and enterprises to create real value. Our systems integration teams help clients to move in an incremental, pragmatic way away from the ad-hoc integration patterns of the past towards a well-planned future.